Figo van 't Oage Burgh (The Netherlands June 15th 2003 - Germany June 22nd 2012)     rehomed                     Breeder: C. Kooman (The Netherlands)

A saturday in September 2011; so unforgettable. You needed to be rehomed, so sad that nNo one was interested in you. Reason: to old. I drove to Rotterdam that saturday morning. Lia and I had decided to give you a new home. I met you, little one.  Unbelievable how you accepted this new situation. From the start on you became a member of our family. Within a few weeks you were famous: always beside me on the front seat of the car, watching over the world like a king. Spring 2012 you suddenly didn't want to walk and play anymore. You wanted to be alone more and more.

At Hoogveld they discovered that you had a tumor behind your heart. An Friday we made an appointment for surgery. It was already too late. Just 9 months we spent together. It seemed an eternity. We still talk about you, think of you, miss you. Be as joyfull over the rainbow as you were while staying with us. Love you.