Grover van Rouben Sent (Belgium, May 02nd 2007 - Germany, June 23rd 2014)    rehomed                                         Breeder: Mr. G. Martens-Jans

A moment never to forget. Yaris just died. Maud (thanks for this call!!) called us for a GSMD that needed to be rehomed. Lia was steadfast: no! Our next dog shpuld be a puppy GSMD and not again a rehomer. After 2 weeks she finally agreed upon visiting Rover. A dog not socialized, skinny, ... But from the first moment we saw each other there was that magical, undescrible click between us. We decided to take Rover with us to his new home. Difficult moments, never seen reactions before, pfffff what did we do? As always we made a daily routine of Peace Cleanliness and Regularity. Rover accepted this from the start on. Rover enjoyed his new life. After a few months he became a quick learning and easy dog. Even no leash was necessary anymore. Fast socialization: cyclists, cars, even other dogs; we where astonished what became of him. So happy!
Summer that same year. Maud called again. We could become a puppy. Could we handle that? Could Rover handle that? Long sessions of discussing this opportunity followed. In the end we decided to give it a try. And thanks to Neca and Maud Rover's big friend Gandalf came to us by December 2010.
 They were always together from the start on.
It was great to see how Rover came more and more a stable GSMD. And Gandalf could really do what no one ever believed: all!
Winter 2014. Rover was changing± walking became more and more difficult, the shape of his head started to change. At the beginning no diagnose could be made. What was going on? April, May 2014. Thanks to Michel (vet at Hoogveld, Echt, The Netherlands) we discovered the disease. No possibility to stop the disease; Rover was suffering of Degenerative Myelopathy. A goodbye so sad. A dog who came from so far, accepted our love, we accepted him and his kindness had gone because of an illness.
From a simple GSMD lover I more and more became interested in diseases, genetics, etc. Gandalf, his companion, in the meanwhile was becoming more and more famous while showing.

This unique combination of Rover and Gandalf is my starting point of exploring. Thanks my friend.