Zirak Yaris il Gigante (Italy, November 26th 2013 - The Netherlands, March 18th 2017)
Breeder: Mrs. Lianne Sim (Italy / The Netherlands)

Sunrise doesn't last all morning, A cloudburst doesn't last all day, Seems my love is up And has left you with no warning", George Harisson (1943 - 2001),
All Things Must Pass 

Brief description

As a little puppy you were brought to us by Lianne (owner of Gaia, sister of Gandalf). Gandalf and you liked each other from the beginning.
You liked travelling.
You, our sensitiv one.
Our sweet one.
We had our own daily rituals.
Every morning our own greetings, evenings your head on Lia's legs. So quiet as you came, lived with us did you passed away.
We miss you still every day.
Life changed so suddenly. Travelling is so different.
Mornings are different.|
Evenings are different.
We love you for ever.

Health & Behaviour

all was so great: eyes, OCD, ED, HD, your exterieur.

HD:                               A
ED:                               FREE
OCD:                            FREE
ECVO:                          2016 FREE     


Never been sick!


Nothing could be a problem for you becoming father.


Till that fatal March, 18th 2017.


In a few moments all was gone: you, your warmth, kindness,...


Championships & Specialties


  • The Netherlands Champion
  • Denmark Champion


  • Luxembourg Champion



  • Ausstellungscup Osterreich 6th place
  • Benelux Winner Maastricht


  • GSMD 2nd place Youth Crufts


  • Youth Winner Amsterdam