BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal):
All healthy Greater Swiss Mountain Dog


BHAG is the name of the goal managementgoeroe Jim Collins gives to a concrete and clear point at the horizon. This differs succesfull companies and organisations from less succesfull ones.


BHAG's are:
- ambitieus but not 'over the top'
- concreet en meetbaar
- goal aiming for within 10 to 30 years

Examples of succesfull BHAG's:
- we put a man on the moon and will bring him back safely this decade (John F. Kennedy, 1961)
- we crush Adidas (Nike, at their start at that time Adidas was markt leader)


Vital, Healthy, Friendly and Beautiful GSMD that's what every sincere breeder is aiming for.

International coorperation is key; transparency needed.


Not my dog is important, it's the breed that counts.




Vitallity and Health are not the same.


Vitality: how can the dogs produce vital, healthy siblings that can produce healthy and vital siblings too, and so on and on.

Health: diseases should be recognized and accepted.

Healing starts by accepting.
Hiding information is not in the interest of the breed.

Friendly: our time has other standards then the centuries before.

If we want to survive the breed in our society we have to take care that they can adopt our 
demands, society, ...

Beauty: important of course. But healt and vitality are more important.